Noble Breads : A Micro Bakery in Phoenix, Arizona

Source: – Donations excepted through August 2, 2012 – AFoodproject inPhoenix, AZbyJason Raducha

About this project

Anyone who pledges as little as $1 will get their name on our “Wall of Fame”  on the website. The more you pledge, the bigger your name will be  printed on the wall.

In order to mix, bake and distribute local breads, I need your help!  Kickstarter has provided a means of getting believers like you to  support projects like this. If you choose to support my cause through a pledge, I will send you a reward (check out the list to the  right).  Plus, your contribution will provide healthful and rustic breads to friends, family and Phoenix residents.

Your card will only be charged if I reach my goal by August 2, 2012. If the goal is met, your financial contributions will allow me to bake and distribute breads to farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture Groups (CSA), and restaurants in the  Phoenix area. Here’s your role: 1. Start a Kickstarter account. All you have to do is enter your email and create a password. Easy, right? 2. Sign into Amazon. If you already have an account you’re good to go! 3. Pledge $1 or more (again, your card will only get charged if we reach $20,000 by August 2,  2012)

Please share this project with everyone you know.

Check out our facebook page for updates and “like” us.

MISSION: I want to open a small micro bakery called Noble Bread which would allow me to distribute bread throughout the Phoenix area.
Currently, I bake in GE Electric Oven using a pizza stone, a few lexan containers, a couple of old tables, and my hands. Oh, and all this “magic” happens in my small kitchen at home (believe me, it’s small).  Unfortunately, with the set up I have now, I am unable to produce  enough to share my passion and love for bread throughout the Phoenix  valley.  So, my goal is to get out of my kitchen and hit the open road,  baking bread for multiple farmers markets each week and provide breads  for CSA goodie bags.

I understand it’s one thing to have a dream and another to actually have  the skills to make that dream come true. I have been baking bread for as long as I can remember.  For my birthday present when I was in fourth  grade, my aunt gave me a West Bend Bread Machine (to replace my  overworked Easy Bake Oven).  I still have the bread machine; however, I  have come a long way since then. For the last few years, I have been  creating breads that are naturally leavened, the wheat is custom milled  to the specs needed for proper rise and flavor.  I have become the  neighborhood “bread man”, supplying bread to family, friends, and  friends of friends.

Noble Bread Baguette
Noble Bread Baguette

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? The money raised here on Kickstarter will be used to purchase the heart of  the new bakery, a wood fired mobile bread oven, along with additional  baking supplies.

For example: ~ $500 will get us the small wares / tubs needed to make the dough ~ $750 will get us the forming baskets needed to raise the bread ~ $1000 will get us the power installed we need for our spiral mixer ~ $1,500 will get us the insurance and permit costs for the 1st year ~ $15,000 will get us the wood fired mobile bread oven

THE OVEN: A custom made oven built from 5000 pounds of fire brick and refractory  cement and mounted to a dual axle trailer.  The oven is powered by a  sustainable and renewable resource, wood.  By using 20 pounds of wood  and “riding the heat curve” of the oven, I can bake approximately 200  loaves of bread.  The changing temperature allows for multiple styles of baking and breads, introducing breads that can tolerate a 550-600  degree heat, and as the oven cools transition to breads that are more  temperature sensitive…and finishing off with a treat of chocolate chip cookies.

A SPECIAL TREAT: Once I am up and running at local farmers markets, I’d like to utilize the  oven not only for breads but also for MADE TO ORDER PIZZA.  The pizza  will be a great opportunity to support the local farmers, using fresh  market ingredients as toppings for the 11 inches of round goodness.  The pizzas can be eaten at the market, or par baked, taken home, and  finished in the oven for dinner.

Noble Bread Pizza.  Featuring cherry tomatoes, sliced garlic, mozzarela, basil, and finished with extra virgin olive oil
Noble Bread Pizza.  Featuring cherry tomatoes, sliced garlic, mozzarela, basil, and finished with extra virgin olive oil

The BREAD: I believe in simplicity.  I believe bread should be no different.  My  bread is made from four ingredients: organic flours, naturally cultured  yeast, sea salt and purified water.  By staying small, I will be able to devote the time, care, and love to each loaf, allowing me to take an  artistic approach to my craft.  All of the breads are fed from a natural starter, given time to rise, develop flavors and transform into the  intricate masterpiece – a perfect loaf.

The STARTING LINE-UP: There will be three standard breads and weekly blackboard specials.
Country Levain A dark crusted bread, with a heavy thick crust.  Features Stone Ground Whole Wheat.

Walnut Cherry Levain A dark crusted bread, with a heavy thick crust.  Features Stone Ground Whole Wheat Toasted Walnuts and Dried Cherries.

Semolina A light bread. Creamy Texture.  Tight Crumb.
Whole Wheat with Honey Dark Crust, Dark Crumb, Tight.  Sweet finish.
Sandwich Rye This naturally leavened light rye bread is flavored with caraway, fennel,  and coriander bread spice. The shape of the loaf is calculated to subtly suggest that you make yourself a pastrami sandwich.

Spelt Baguette

Thin soft crust and crumb.

Pan de Mi Nothing Wonder about this sandwich loaf.  Stone Ground White Wheat Flour, smooth silky crumb and a light crust.

Cinnamon Rolls Rolls with gooey frosting.  Brioche style dough, butter, cinnamon and sugar.
Focaccia Square sheet pan bread. Topped with this season’s best produce, Ranges from Tomatoes, herbs and ….
Monkey Pull apart Small dough balls covered in homemade butter, cinnamon and sugar. Brioche dough

Holiday – Parker House Pull Apart Rolls 2oz bread rolls. Slightly sweet, buttery topped with sea salt.
Special Order – Kaiser / Hamburger / Hot Dog Buns / Pretzels
SPECIAL – BIRDS NEST market fried egg, cheese, tomato, arugula served on a piece of Country Bread lightly toasted.

Noble Bread Pretzel.  Go ahead, tear a piece off!
Noble Bread Pretzel.  Go ahead, tear a piece off!

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Through Noble Bakery, I intend to “pay it forward” by contributing donations,  volunteer work, and sponsorships to local organizations and projects.   Because I have received so much support, I only hope to support and  enrich the community in the same way.
If you believe in my cause, pledge today…and tell everyone you know to do the same! With your help, we can bring Phoenix something it has yet to see!
Thank you, Jason


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