Savoury Brioche Couronne

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The Culinary Klepto

There’s something particularly exciting about borrowing a cookbook. It comes with all of that new book excitement, but you can’t just stick it on the “Shelf of Good Intentions” like you might a book you bought. Nay! The clock is ticking. Any day could be its last. You’ve simply got to start baking before it is whisked away!

And so it was, the Culinary Klepto’s adventure into the world of bread started with a borrowed cookbook and the recipe for Savoury Brioche Couronne found therein. Although, let’s be honest, there is nothing crown-like (French knowledge. BAM!) about my couronne. This is because my flat was too hot, the butter became warmer than room temperature, and the resultant dough was overly sticky. Aesthetics aside, it was DE-LIC-IOUS!


Heat the oven to 200 C (180 C fan)

Bread Ingredients:
500 g strong white bread flour
10 g salt
10 g instant yeast

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